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Before he evolved into the arbiter of cheerful chic, designer and author Jonathan Adler was a little confused about what he wanted to do with his life. The New Jersey native studied semiotics and art history at Brown University before a demoralizing job at a New York City talent agency sent him over the proverbial edge and thrust him back into the arms of his real love: pottery. 

He discovered his affection for this hands-on art at age 9, when he begged his parents to buy him a pottery wheel and spent his formative years putting his own spin on decorative objects. Now, with more than 20 of his own stores around the world and four books under his belt, he is literally a household name, putting his spin on everything from bedding and bath accessories to furniture and handbags. They all share his signature “Adler aesthetic,” which generally translates to eye-popping objects with a sense of playfulness, optimism and general joy for life. 

Here, marking the recent release of his fourth book, 100 Ways to Happy Chic Your Life, the irreverent Adler shares his secrets to introducing a pop of excitement everywhere from dinner parties to your home décor.

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